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Monthly Archives: September 2003

Talk Like a Pirate Day

I can’t believe I miissed ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’.  Actually, I can’t believe there IS a ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’…



Very comprehensive article on Blogs and Identity

Navigating the Blog Universe

“Being able to navigate weblogs includes the ability to navigate identities and those places where the real world meets online life.“

Glenn’s 50th

I went to Glenn’s party this weekend.  Flew to Austin out of SFO with Tom.

We started on Friday night getting in shape for Saturday night by drinking and staying up ’til ’round 4am.  We got into Johnny Cash’s latest album and must have played it through about 20 times.  Just couldn’t get enough of it.

Saturday was spent recuperating from Friday night and putting the party house in order; moving furniture buying ice, spirits, tiki lights, and so forth. 

Late in the afternoon we went to hear Brooks play in his band called ‘Friends of Lizzy’.  They did a set at the AMN (Austin Music Network) stage as part of Austin’s Pecan Street festival.  Their set got cut short due to timing issues, but they blew it out and got everyone groovin’.  Well perhaps groovin’ is the wrong word for everyone else, but I was groovin’.

Back to the party house and finished up some last minute details and soon enough the crowed started to arrive.  The party drew a large crowd and felt like a dream of introductions and jokes about Glenn.

Later in the evening Jim, Dennis, Glenn  and I played some tunes by the pool.  We got dry and took a break.  About an hour later we started playing again in the living room.  The party was in full swing, then the police arrived and herded everyone into the house.

Later we found out that the police had decided to ‘punish’  us for all that fun and wrote about a dozen parking tickets on the cars outside.

The party continued on through the night and when I heard the birdies waking up I decided it was time for me to sleep.

Happy 50th, Glenn.


Grissman’s Mandolins

So Tom and I were going through security at SFO on our way to Austin.

As we were milling through the line who should I find my self next too but David Grissman, holding 2 mandolins.  I said to him, “Hello David, do you ever worry about X-rays on your mandolins?”

He gave me a dirty look and said “X-Rays?” and turned away with a look of disgust.

I was thinking it would be a slightly “smart assed’ way of starting up a small conversation.  Guess it was Too smart assed.  Perhaps he’s a bit nervous about those mandolins…

Guess I’ll never play this town again.

Problems w/ Macs ???

There seems to be a problem with usage of Macintosh computers accessing the Blog.  Right now it seems to be a case of if you’re here now, you probably are NOT using IE on a Macintosh… 3 friends have independently said they’re having problems and all are using Macs.

It’s not clear yet what the problem is but this is what I’ve found so far:

  • The root site performs well on all platforms.
  • When accessed through a PC w/ IE, or Mozilla, or Opera, the site performs well even when accessing the blogs
  • When accessing through a Mac using IE, performance is dreadful
  • When accessing through a Mac using Netscape Navigator the site performs well.

Here are some links to test:

The following site is said to rely heavily on CSS (cascading style sheets) and is thought to degrade performance on Macs using IE.

These are browsers on the Mac:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Camino
  • Netscape Navigator

Anyone have any clues?

Email usage on blog configuration

In the configuration which can be reached from an Admin link (available after you login to your blog), there is a place where you can define your email address (Admin link > Options tab > Configure).  When I set up each new blog, I define a unique email on the site.

Please leave this address as is because it must be associated with the only SMTP mail server I have access to (on  These email addresses are set up to be redirected to your existing personal email accounts.

The email address is used to receive messages from the “Contact” form so that visitors can communicate with you.  It is also used to notify you when someone leaves a feedback comment on one of your posts.

BTW, you can use your defined email address just like any email address.  It will be redirected to your personal email.  You can test it by sending a message to the address in order to confirm that it reaches your personal account.

New blog setup

I re-configured my blog site this evening so that it’s easier to set up multiple blogs.  Most of the sites can be found at:

There are about a dozen  configured.

The new site configuration allows me to run it all under on software installation and all I have to do is add a new config record for each new blog.

I defaulted the “skin” to the standard blue layout.  A “skin” refers to a set of style attributes which can be selected by each blog user to give each blog a unique “look & feel”.

The skins can be accessed via the admin section and selecting the Options tab.  On the Options tab there is a link called Configure.  On this tab it’s possible to select from about a dozen different skins.  I’ll add more as I have the time to create new ones.

The data for the blogs is backed up once a week but I’m going to change that to a daily backup.


Link Categories

I added a number of useful links to my blog.  Find them in the link boxes uner categories such as ‘Political Links’, Science Links, etc.

Image Galleries

Fixed Image Galleries problem.  Needed to set write rights to the images folder for the ASPNET user account.

See the link box on this page titled “Image Galleries“…

Johnny Cash – the man in black

Johnny Cash was being interviewed by Larry King and Larry asked Johnny about his black clothes.  Johnny said,

“When you go into my closet at home, it’s dark in there…”


Remote Astronomical Imaging

I’ve been doing some research about what it will take to remote Dennis’ telescope.  Here’s a link to an online powerpoint presentation that outlines the issues related to collecting images from a remote telscope:

Here’s a link that let’s you run a simulated remote imaging session:

This info is from Tom Bisque’s site.

Jim Flowers

Jim Flowers just called.  He’s on his way to see Little Feat at Gruene Hall (’bout 45 mins from Austin).  Last night he drank Absinthe and is still recovering from that.

He says he’s been cycling a lot and has been swimming every morning at Barton Springs and hopes to continue through the winter as the water stays at an even 68 degrees year ’round.  He’s looking to land some work in the fall.