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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Skyped with Elena & Family

Yesterday afternoon, Tom and Elena called on the Skype phone.  They called while I was still at work so we only talked for about 15 minutes.  However I got to hear the kids talk about “Go Texan” day and how they dressed in jeans and boots and cowboy hats and saw sheep and goats but no cows.  I couldn’t quite understand Carter, but I heard him tell me that his name was Carter.  I guess it’s a little weird talking to speakers.



New Wikis on Jumano

I set up some wikis on the Jumano server today.  I created a single wiki in January, but now there are 3 with specific categories.

  • Jumano Wiki – for general use; probably won’t change much except to cover generic wiki issues

Briefly, a wiki is a document (web page) collaboration site where anyone can edit the pages.  You can read about how the wiki I set up works within the existing pages, but you can read a more thorough history about wikis at:

[Main Page]

Please take a tour and see what you think…


Jimmy Bruno’s new job – new song

I got a call from Jimmy Bruno today.  He said he got a job at a music distributor named Saga Music.  He has a new song titled “Ray Took a Slug in the Leg“.  I’ll post a link when he sends it to me.

Here is an MP3. (approx 6.2Mb)

Here’s a wiki page about it.

Skype test – Ringy Dingy

When you’re setting up Skype you can call a test address that returns your voice back to you so you can hear the quality of your connection.

Call echo123 and leave a messge.  It will be played back to you almost immediately.


Image Gallery fixed

The blog images are working again.  It should be no problem uploading images.

Have fun…


Blog Image Galleries problem

As of 02.23.04 there is a problem when uploading new images into an image gallery.  I’m working on a fix and hope to have it posted up to the server within a couple of days. 

The problem is in an updated piece of code and was caused as a result of the new upgrade to release .95 (performed on the weekend of 02.21.04)

Sorry ’bout that…

Blogs went down…

Due to a power outage in my neighborhood the Jumano server was unavailable from about 8am PST until about 11am PST.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but that’s the breaks when you get free service.


My Colonoscopy – update

Dr Hosseini, the doctor who performed my colonoscopy, called and left a message yesterday.  He said that both of the polyps that were found (each about 3mm in size), which were biopsied, were benign, but that one had an Adenoma.

This means that I will need to get another colonoscopy in 3 years.


Skyped with Lisa and Derek

Aurora and I had a great time connecting and talking to Lisa and Derek on Sunday morning.  We talked for about an hour, for free and it sounded great.

Lisa had installed the Skype software on Saturday and then let it go.  On Sunday morning, she clicked on the Skype Me! link on my blog and it dialed me up through her Skype software.  She didn’t realize we were connected, but I made a traditional land-line call to let them know and then after a few adjustments, we were gabbing it up online.

Thanks, Lisa and Derek for playing with me and my toys…


Updated Blog Software

I updated the blog software over the weekend, so some of you may see a slight change in the way the blog works, but for the most part it should be fairly transparent.

There are some issues:

  • The graphics go moved from a directory named to jumano_com.  If you have any hard references to images with in the file path, you might have to change them.  The image gallery uses the new jumano_com directory path but this has been translated in the update.
  • Some of the “skins” need to be specifically upgraded, so I downgraded some of the settings from the fancy ones that I had created and which were selected.  Most will look about the same. I will try to get the old ones upgraded this week.
  • There is no longer a login on the home page.  You can select the “Login” link, which will take you to a login page.

Let me know if you see any other issues.


Great sunset this evening

The arrangements of clouds and sun this evening converged to create a wonderful sunset with a shaft of light beaming up from the horizon.

 Click on the image to see a bigger version.

Nipple Twiddling

Don’t ask how I found this one, but let’s just say it was advertised as a new offshore developed product that cleans the inside of a computer monitor…

 Click on the monitor to see how the, ahem, product works (PG-13)