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Monthly Archives: April 2004

Merchants-Exchange Trading Hall

Last night the Yerba Buena walkers toured the financial district.  Among the great old buildings we saw was the Merchants-Exchange Trading Hall.  At the end of the lobby there is a branch of the California Bank & Trust which has a number of murals painted by William Coulter.  It was about 7:00 pm and the bank was closed, but we could see the paintings through the front doors.

Today I went back to be able to see it up close and found out that Julia Morgan was the person who designed the details and hired William Coulter.  If you ask the lobby attendant, he can start a video available for viewing in the lobby.  It covers Julia Morgan, Daniel Burnham, Willis Polk, William Coulter and finishes with a modern day look at the building and it’s current owner Clint Reilly.  After the video, I inquired about the Commercial Club and the lobby attendant refereed me to the 15th floor to take a look for myself.  It was great to see this old grand ballroom quiet; whispering hints (ala The Shining) of the decades of conversations past…

Here’s an interesting note about Morgan and the Merchants-Exchange Trading Hall.

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National Weather Service – San Francisco Bay Area Weather Forecast

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Roger McGuinn

My friend John Miller found this one.  It’s on; primarily a poetry & reading digital archive site and home of Project Gutenberg.  Roger (Jimmy) McGuinn has a page called FolkDen where he’s srchiving old folk tunes.

He describes how he records his tunes here.  I think it’s interesting that he distributes the songs under the Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License

Dennis’ 50th

Aurora and I went down to LA this last weekend and celebrated Dennis’ 50th birthday.  We met up with Glenn, Margie, Dan, Melinda, Tom and Lawrence Brock (who I haven’t seen in years).  Friday night there was a party at a club called the White Lotus.  Dennis didn’t know we were coming and and was surprised to see us when he arrived.  Dennis’ band, The Sharks, played and during the set, Harry Dean sang a couple of tunes, including the Chuck Berry Teenage Wedding.  I met a fellow named Mike Medavoy who is a movie producer and Bill Maher, who hosts a liberal TV talk show on HBO.

[other names to drop who I recognized but I didn’t meet – Marg Helgenberger, Alan Rosenberg (Marg’s husband), Scarlett Johansson, Patrick Wilson, Stephen Dorff , John Hancock]

On Saturday, we visited Dennis at his house and spent a relaxing day catching up on what we’ve been up to, playing guitars, and watching golf.

Dennis was busy on Sunday so after everyone else left for the airport, Aurora and I went to the Page Museum (La Brea Tar Pits) and also saw the Dianne Arbus show at LAMCA.

Thank you, Jocelyn, for including us in the celebration…

Arbus, Teenage Couple

Dennis’ site:


Countries I’ve visited

From World 66 Travel Guide site:

This a cool way to show where you’ve been.  Clearly, I’ve haven’t travelled extensively in places like Canada, but I suspect you could barely tell where I’ve been if it was based on my footpath through life.

create your own visited country map or write about it on the open travel guide

Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep

Susan Ordway, a work associate, is the voice behind the movie, Counting Sheep, which will premiere in San Francisco on Wednesday, April 14th, 7:30pm at Fort Mason’s Cowell Theater.  Tickets – $15.

What happens when a protected predator threatens an endangered species? High in California’s Sierra Nevada, the last few native bighorn sheep are fighting for survival. Threats from mountain lions have forced wildlife officials to take extraordinary measures to protect the bighorn. Two remarkable men stand between the bighorn and extinction. An oboe playing mountain man turned consummate scientist has an unlikely ally: a mountain lion tracker of skill and instinct, a modern day frontiersman. This stunning film, eleven years in the making, has the world’s only footage of Sierra bighorn sheep. People’s Choice Award Winner, Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival, 2004.“

Produced by Green TV, Inc. 


Snakes movie

from a quicktime movie based on a woodcut by M. C. Escher