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Lazy Boys ride again…

… but too lazy to rehearse much.  Actually there were two official and one unofficial rehearsals.  I missed one of them.

Last night the Lazy Boys (Jimmy Bruno, Bob Reid, Michael Capella, John Kuntz, Hiram Bell, Brian Courtney, Chris Jefferies) played a six song set at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival. 

  1. In Us All
  2. Two Turns From Nirvana
  3. Guava Jam
  4. Nutcracker (Hiram)
  5. Matter of Time (Key of E)
  6. Grace OF Angels (Key of A)
  7. From the Heart (Key of A)

I made a recording, but I haven’t had time to convert it to digital format for uploading.  Maybe in a week or so I’ll get the live versions online.  For now, there are a few of them from past recordings.



Fahrenheit 9/11 – in their own words

Aurora and I saw Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 last night.  While I can’t confirm all of the facts presented in the film (who can?) I can say, that what you see is George Bush and his administration officials presenting the case for Michael Moore in their own words.  Sure, the quotes might have been taken out of context, but the quotes nevertheless stand on their own.  Like George, saying to a group of supporters, “This is an impressive crowd, the ‘haves’ and the ‘have mores’.  Some people call you the elite, I call you my base.“.

One of the things I learned, and was quite shocked by, was the treatment of black representatives who went to the senate to protest the disenfranchisement of black voters right after the 2000 election.  The resolutions, required a singnature from at least one senator, and not one senator stepped forward.  Not one.  Pathetic.

The last moment in the film points out the slow witted Bush stumbling over a common saying, and should leave all viewers with a resolve to do whatever they can to help voters understand that we need George out of the whitehouse.

Here’s a link to the trailer for the movie:

I urge all of my friends to see this movie.  Soon!

Srimp Cocktails in the Sierra?

Freshwater Shrimp Found At Record Elevation in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite. 

Free Mordechai Vanunu

I just got a call from Hal Carlstad, who is a friend of Don Horn.  He is an activist who is involved in the issues of freeing Mordechai Vanunu.  Mordechai was a nuclear technician for the Israeli government who spoke out about the program.  You can read about him at: 

Link to home page - "I was hijacked in Rome 30.9.86..."

Great Sierra Weekend

Aurora and I took a trip to the Sierras this weekend.  We drove up on Friday night and slept at a campground near Obsidian Dome just north of Mammoth.  We slept late and got a late start on our planned hike so we didn’t get started until about 1:15 in the afternoon. 

We hiked from Tuolumne meadows, past Soda Springs and down toward Glen Aulin. At about 2 miles in, we turned north on a trail to Young Lakes.  After a short distance we started a steady climb for about 2 miles with occasional spectacular views of the Cathedral Range.  Then the trail leveled off and we hiked through the tranquil open forest with wonderful flowering ground cover.  At the juncture of the Dog Lake trail we started a disappointing but easy descent (hate to lose the elevation gain).  The last part of the trail was a short but tiring ascent up to the first of 3 Young Lakes.  Overall it took us about 4 and a half hours to get to Young Lakes.  We never actually got to the lakes because it took me a while to find a suitable place to cache 4 bottles of wine and a bottle of bourbon on the northwest side of the first lake.  It’s amazing how heavy 5 bottles of liquid weighs. We didn’t get started back until about 6:30 but we retraced our steps and got back in about 3 hours.

The image above, of the middle Young Lakes, was taken over 5 years ago during the morning sunrise and highlights Ragged Peak.  It was originally a 35mm slide and I had it scanned because I liked it so much.  It should look OK in medium resolution.

Sunday, we drove over to the Sonora pass.  On the way we stopped at the Latte Da Coffee Shop and met a woman named Kathy Day who takes 3D images with a specially made Nikon camera.  She had some of her images on display with these 2 machines that she set up in the shop.  Really fantastic.


In the Sonora area and took an alternative back road route through the pass.  It starts right behind the Marine Training center and ends up about a mile below the top of the pass.  Besides taking the direct route we tried lots of side roads and had loads of fun exploring.  One of the side roads was to a place called Grouse Meadows.  As we approached a ridge in the car we surprised a baby black bear (he was brown) just as he was squatting to poop.  He froze in position for about 5 seconds and then, in a total panic raced off into some brush about 30 yards away.

What a fun weekend.

Farenheit 9/11

PLEASE: Go see Farenheit 9/11 the weekend of the 26th, 27th of June… – 50 Ways to Love Your Country

This evening I attended an event at Black Oak Books in Berkeley, Ca.  It was a panel discussion and book signing with 3 of the authors moderated by Gary Krane of PartyForDemocracy.  The book is a collection of 50 things we can do for social change written by 50 members of  The panelists were:

Authur Blaustein – spoke about community service and volunteerism and has a book titled “Make A Difference

Skip Robinson – is a retired lecturer on conflict resolution at Sonoma State and spoke about ways to communicate with friends and neighbors.  He recommended a Google search including “Abraham Lincoln and precinct organization“.

Michael Rosenthal – spoke about how to be strategic with your time and money in the upcoming election.  He has a site of resources at

Finally, Gary Krane summarized with an overview of hosting house parties and conducted an excercise to get attendies to commit to some form of action; from volunterring time to the campaign, to donating money, to providing services.

I have started a wiki site to facilitate the organization of house parties and other events at: 


Wine Camp, 2004

Aurora and I joined Jimmy Bruno and families at the Napa-Bothe State Park, in beautiful Napa Valley.  It’s about 5 miles north of St. Helena.

I needed to do some work on Saturday morning, but in the early afternoon, we drove to Sonoma and went to the Jack London State Park on our way to the wine camp.  The state park manages buildings that belonged to Jack London and his wife Just after the turn of the century.

We took a back road, Trinity drive, to Napa Valley and got to wine camp just in time for the traditional “wine tasting”.  The idea is for everyone to bring an inexpensive wine to use in a blind tasting and rate the wines.  Winner gets an official trophy that gets passed on to the subsequent winner next year.  After a lot of tasting and deliberating and tabulations here are the winners for this year:

  • Wildwater Creek Merlot 2001
  • Blackstone Merlot 2001
  • Sebastiani Chardonnay 2001

My other favorites:

  • Paradise Ridge Pinot Noir – 2001
  • Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat – Shiraz Cabernet 2002

Annalee’s 50th Birthday

Aurora and I flew to Texas on the weekend of May 14th, 2004 to celebrate Annalee’s 50th at the Farm near Brenham.  We had trouble getting there due to a big Texas storm (6 hours holding in the Oakland airport) but we made it and had a great time.

Annalee, Robin, Bob Webb and other family and friends have been working the farm and I have never seen it in better shape.  The farm has become an expression of love and camaraderie that manifests itself as this enduring place of our collected memories.  Every time I go there, it seems like the events of people, all who have walked the porches, come dancing into my dreams.  

We had an outside sit down dinner on Friday night in the cool of the evening. 

Saturday was spent enjoying the company of friends, eating, drinking and making merry.  Once it got dark, we had a slide show in the barn of photos of Annalee. In the evening Jim Flowers provided us with a Fireworks Spectacular which, due to an equipment malfunction, had him running for cover with each fusillade.  Later in the evening, we played some music in the barn accompanied by an array of percussion instruments.

I still have this image of exuberant celebration spirits dancing on the porch at about 4 o’clock in the morning.

Happy Birthday, Annalee.

Aurora’s 50th Birthday

Aurora turned 50 on June 9th, 2004.   I took her to Chez Panisse for dinner.  It’s a very fine dining experience in Berkeley.  Here’s the menu they served that night:

Roasted Monterey Bay squid salad with cucumbers and green beans
Seared wild striped bass with porcini mushrooms and new garlic sauce
Watson Ranch lamb leg a la ficelle with young turnips and potato gallette
Strawberry Pavlova

We accompanied this with a French bordeaux wine and had a great evening.

Happy birthday, Aurora.


Walking the Haight

Last night we did the 2nd half of the Haight Street Historical Walks of San Francisco.  We finished early so we went over to the Zam Zam martini bar.  I found out that Bruno is now living with the olive pits in the sky.  Afterward we went to the Zazie restaurant in Cole Valley and had a great dinner.  They made a mistake and delayed some of our dinners so they gave us a free bottle of wine.

It was important to drink a few glasses of water with my bedtime aspirin.

From the Zam Zam napkin (which I think is from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam):

“Come fill the cup, and in the fires of spring – the winter garments of repentance fling”


Composite Faces

Found an interesting site that composites faces based on demographics.  You can be the judge of what it means…

 Republican Composite Face

 Democrat Composite Face

Jedermann Project