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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Cross Country, Day 3

Well, Aurora and I made it across Texas today; El Paso to Houston in about 11 1/2 hours.  Had a great simple breakfast at our favorite little cafe, El Nido, and hit the road.  It was a smooth ride and Aurora drove until dark while I did some work on my computer.  At the Border Patrol checkpoint near Van Horn we saw a couple of coyotes slinking along beside the highway.

We had a fatty bar-b-que dinner in Junction and made it on in by midnight.  Here’s what Annalee’s shower head looks like.

Houston’s weather is perfect tonight; mid-fifties and dry.  I hope it holds, but I doubt it based on my past experience <g>.


Cross Country, Day 2

We started out with a meal in Quartzite and then walked through some of the giant flea markets.  We found some cool rocks.  Then we drove through Phoenix and had a fine dinner at the Congress Hotel in Tucson.

Now we’re at a La Quinta motel near the freeway in El Paso.  Here’s what the shower head looks like in our bathroom.

Tomorrow, after breakfast at El Nido, we hope to make it all the way to Houston.

Cross Country, Day 1

Aurora and I are in a Holiday Inn in Blythe, CA. This morning we’ll stop in Quartzite, AZ (it is a snow bird town – a huge flea market in the desert), then have dinner in Tucson and if all goes well, bed down in El Paso.

Here’s what the showerhear looks like at the Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn Shower Head - click to see larger image

Mr Science takes a bag for a test drive…

Check out our buddy, Jim Flowers, in a new commercial for golf bags.  It’s very cool.