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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Parsing the State of the Union

State Of The Union Painting 

Here’s a site found by my friend, David Anderson, that lets you search for words within various State Of The Union speeches.



Silly Chicken brings chuckle to jaded Internet hack

Here’s a silly one that Lisa found.  See if you can challenge the chicken to do things…

  • hop,
  • moon walk,
  • do the funky chicken,
  • skip,
  • YMCA dance
  • hokey pokey, anyone?

I think it’s a commercial setup from Burger King, but have fun anyway.


Teeth & Bones

Yesterday I had a followup appointment with the oral surgeon that performed the gum surgery on me back in January.  He poked around a bit and seemed pleased with his work and said that the bad tooth looked like it was firming up since the surgery.  The problem with the loose tooth is that there is bone loss around the root, so it doesn’t have much to hang on to.  The consensus from my oral surgeon and my dentist is that I may have the tooth for perhaps up to 5 more years, but I will not grow old with this tooth.

Today, I had my bi-annual cleaning with my longtime dentist, Dr. Myung Sook Son.

Here’s what she looks like when she gets serious with me.

She’s always cheerful and does a terrific job with my teeth.  Today she gave me a Novocaine shot that did not even hint at being painful.

Once Myung finishes with the heavy picking, and cavitroning (a cavitron is a dental tool that uses high frequency ultrasonic waves to clean teeth) and scrapping, she hands me over to Lillian Hickethier who polishes my pearly whites.


Mardi Gras & the Architecture of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition

Last night we had a gathering of the Yerba Buena Social Club.  It was Fat Tuesday and so we met at Nancy’s for some New Orleans styled fare, which included sausage, Louisiana beer (Abita Purple Haze Raspberry & Abita Turbodog), and dry fried chicken and salad.  It was finished off with some home made pralines and sherbet ice cream. 

After dinner, with our Mardi Gras beads jingling, we went down the street to a lecture presented by the SF Historical Society about the Architecture of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition.  It started a little late and began a bit slow, but once the presenter, David Parry, picked up the pace with slides from his extensive collection of post cards it was fascinating.  One of the interesting images depicted the “Aeroscope”, a ride that consisted of a small two-story structure mounted on the end of a 280 foot swing-arm. It was designed and built by Joseph Strauss, the designer and builder of the Golden Gate Bridge. It had a unique method of counter-balancing the people on the ride by displacing the weight of each rider by sensing the weight and then dumping an equivalent weight in water.

Yet another fun evening.  Here are some pictures I took.


Map of the Exposition:

San Francisco Museum and Historical Society


John Miller in SF

John Miller was in town for a few days; since Sunday; and he flew back to LA this evening.  He was attending the VSLive technical conference at Moscone West.  A few days before he came, he discovered a guitar from his parent’s house which turned out to be a Gibson LG-0.  He brought it along and here’s a picture of it:


LG-0s aren’t great guitars and they were made to bring the Gibson brand to those who wanted to have a ‘Gibson’ branded guitar.  They were originally sold for about $85.  My mom bought my Dad a Gibson LG-0 around 1963.  We still have it and it is at our farm near Brenham, Texas.

Eye of Science

Here’s a great site found by my friend Brooks Harris.  It’s called the Eye of Science and it features microscopic photography. 

Here’s a gallery site that hosts many of the Eye of Science images: