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Monthly Archives: June 2005

For my book making friends

I had a picture book made for Aurora for her birthday.  It was made by Memento Press and while they were a little protective of their binding method they said it was a modified FastBind technique. I collected 20 images and one extra for the cover and included a word document with captions on a CD.  2 day turnaround.  Looks great.

Here are some online pages about do it yourself bookbinding: 



Skype Me!

OK, I’ve been using Skype for a while now and I see only one downside (mentioned later) to using it as a telephone replacement.  I’m eager for all my friends to get on board so I can talk for free.

If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can upload Skype onto your computer and we can talk for free.  You may need to hook up speakers or a microphone, if you haven’t already, but that’s pretty easy to do.

I went to Radio Shack and bought a really inexpensive headset with a microphone for less than $3.  I see that there is an online version for about $15, but look for the $3 version.

I have set up the SkypeOut service which allows me to call out from my computer to people who don’t yet have Skype so I can talk to them on their regular phones.  It costs me 2.3 cents a minute to use this service to anywhere in the continental US (land lines and mobile phones) and I have to pay in advance (in chunks of 10 Euros, or 25 Euros).  I think that’s still a better deal than most folks get on their home phone service.  Overseas calls cost more.  For example, calls to our friend, Zsuzsa, in Hungary, cost about 4.6 cents a minute.  Still a good deal.  Click here to look at the rates. 

Downside: Outgoing (SkypeOut) long distance international calls to cell phones cost substantially more.  A call to Pace’s cell phone in Italy cost 33.5 cents a minute.  Not such a good deal.

I have also set up a SkypeIn account.  My number is: 415.578.3309 

Notice I now have a 415 area code .  The SkypeIn account allows my friends to call me at my computer.  And as I AM very often at my computer, you’ll be likely to catch me there.  It includes an answering service as well so you can leave me a message that I can hear on my computer.  The SkypeIn service costs me 30 Euros per year or 10 Euros for 3 months (including the voice mail service).  It will cost my friends the same amount they would pay to call my house phone.

I may eventually disconnect my home service and settle on a mobile phone and Skype.  If most of my friends get Skype, then most of my calls will be free.

I recommend that you check it out:

  • Talk to me at my computer for free; Skype to Skype: chrisjefferies
  • Talk to me at my computer via telephone: 415.578.3309