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 Dan Fishing in 6 Mile Creek behind the main house.

Yesterday I flew to Montana to stay at Dennis’.  I woke up late at 5am (after a 3 hour nap) and raced through the house gathering all the items I thought I had together and tried to make the 6am flight.  Aurora and I finally made it to the airport at 5:45, but the lady at the ticket counter said, “Too Late”.  So she fixed me up with a 7:15 flight that made my connection in Seattle and all was well so I went and got in line at the security check and got over my heart attack.

Arrived in Bozeman and met up with Dan and we drove to Livingston and shopped for liquor, groceries, and fishing flies. Drove on out to Dennis’ and by then it was cocktail hour.  After a couple of stout Martinis we prepped up some seafood (crab legs) and brocoli and as we were finishing dinner the “day” caught up with me and I went to lay down for a rest.

At midnight I woke up in total darkness wondering where the hell I was.  After a few moments I realized that I was in bed in Montana with all my clothes on.  So I stumbled downstairs and made my way outside to see a few early Persied meteors then went back to bed.

This morning, after breakfast, Dan and I went fishing in the creek behind the cabin and I had a few stikes and had not caught anything.  Dan and I were leapfrogging each other up the creek and as I moved up about 30 yards beyong the main house, I saw a bear in the brush across the creek.  It was black and had the biggest square head I’ve ever seen on a bear.  Based on its color I suppose it was a black bear, but because this is Grizzly country, I decided not to take any chances and backed down the creek.

This bear sighting shook me up, so I want over to the front lake and fished there, in the open, where I could see any approaching bear.  Caught 2 nice cutthroat trout.

This eveing Dan and I looked out for Persieds, but didn’t see very many.  The sky is fairly hazy and seeing isn’t very good.  It is about 2am Friday morning and sky looks like it is closing in…

Ah well, we’ll try again tomorrow.

 One of the Cutthroat trout I caught today.



3 responses to “Montana

  1. george m November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am


    I see the Big Sky.

    (bet that green gets cold in a couple of mos.)

    I’ll send text & a closeup of Dan’l to Ma.

  2. DC November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    That’s a cute little cutthroat ya got there, Jonah. Hate to tell you, but compared to the offshore fishing I did last week, your little cutie would be called "bait"!!

    And, just a word to the wise, when photographing your catch, next time remove your hand. Comparative sizing references are of no help to a good "fish story".

    Don’t mind me. I’m just jealous!

  3. Aurora December 20, 2008 at 5:00 am

    Glad you are having fun. Wish I was there with you.

    I miss you, so don’t let the bears get you. Have a martini for me and give Dan aHug. I love you. Call me.

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