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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Hatshepsut and Destani Wolf

Today, Aurora and I had a great day full of art and history (and food).

This morning we drove into the city and went to the  New De Young museum ( to see the Hatshepsut exhibit.  When we got there, the lines were long so we toured the sections of the museum on Art in America from colonial times through the twentieth century.  We also browsed through the textiles.

Hatshepsut was an Egyptian queen who became a Pharaoh around 1473 BC when the Pyramids at Giza were already 1000 years old.  The exibit had numerous artifacts from her reign.  Read about her on wikipedia:

Before we left the city we stopped at the Zuni cafe and had a late lunch.

Later we went to the Berkeley Jazz School to see Destani Wolf, a friend of Elena’s from Berkeley High school days.  She performed 2 great sets with a Jazz Band.  It’s a small venue and it felt very intimate and with all her old friends there, it felt like we were hanging in her living room.

You can keep up with Destani at her MySpace site: